Baby Born Healthy After UK Couple Refuses Doctor’s Advice To Have Abortion

Pro-Life Bible verses | Abortion is murder in the Bible

  A couple from Ireland have given birth to a healthy baby boy after being repeatedly pressured by doctors and hospital staff to abort their child who was incorrectly diagnosed in the womb with severe and fatal fetal disabilities. The parents’ persistence in the face of such trial shows the power of faith in God […]

1500 Year Old Christian Relic Provides Amazing Evidence of Jesus Christ And The Bible

Evidence of Jesus Christ | Proof the Bible is true

A 1500-year-old Egyptian papyrus could be the oldest extant document that references the final Passover meal Jesus Christ ate with His disciples before the Crucifixion (commonly known as “The Last Supper”). Dubbed ‘The Last Supper Papyrus’, the relic may be one of the greatest finds of antiquity and provides powerful evidence for the existence of […]

ISIS And The War On Christianity

What does ISIS Stand for? |Muslim persecution Obama Foreign policy hurts Christians.

  And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our […]

Big Mistake? – ‘God Particle’ Research Says Big Bang Theory Is Wrong

Big Bang Theory debunked

In the latest challenge to the Big Bang Theory, a scientist using the research on the Higgs Boson subatomic particle ( also known as “the God particle” for supposedly being the building block that created the universe) has asserted that the Big Bang Theory cannot possibly be correct. The research, which was submitted for peer […]

Planned Parenthood Caught Teaching Children About Bondage And Pornography

Illuminati sexualization of children | Lila Rose Live Action Video

An undercover video expose caught Planned Parenthood employees teaching children about deviant sexual behavior such as bondage and sadism, encouraging violence in bed and giving pointers on watching pornography. For years Beginning and End has reported on the numerous unethical, illegal and dangerous practice of abortion provider Planned Parenthood, an organization that brazenly endangers teenage […]

HGTV Cancels Show Starring Christian Brothers Over Their Faith

Flip It Forward Show cancelled Gay Marriage Abortion views

  In just the latest sign of the growing hostility to Biblical Christianity, Cable Channel HGTV announced that it would not air a new show starring two Christian twin brothers because of their profession of belief in the Biblical view of marriage and opposition to abortion. More and more, the persecution against Christians who hold […]

Christian Mother In Sudan Sentenced To Death For Her Faith

Bible verses on persecution | Bible prophecy and Christian persecution

  News outlets across the globe have now reported on the arrest of a pregnant woman in Sudan for converting to Christianity. The mother, who was forced to deliver he baby in prison, was sentenced to death for breaking the apostasy laws of Sudan and now awaits her fate in a holding cell as the […]

The ‘Gospel Of Jesus’ Wife’ Attempts A Comeback – And Fails Again

Gospel of Jesus Wife Papyrus Fragment Karen King | Was Jesus Married?

  In the latest effort to uncover some historical document to discredit the Bible. The Harvard Theological Seminary has attempted to revive interest in the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” fragment – an ‘ancient’ Coptic document that allegedly quoted Jesus as referring to “my wife” – first publicized by Professor Karen King in 2012. After a […]