Oregon Shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer’s Occult Connection

Updated October 4, 2015. The nation is still reeling from the breaking news about the latest shooting rampage in Roseburg, Oregon. Christopher Harper-Mercer, the 26-year old man who authorities confirmed as the shooter, has now been allegedly responsible for killing ten people and wounding 7 others in a hate-filled shooting spree. What is not being […]

Prayers For Charleston

The nation is still reeling from the mass murder of 9 African-American Christians by a 21-year old Caucasian man consumed with racial hatred at a church in South Carolina. The shooting spree was a stark reminder of how increasingly sinful the God-rejecting world is becoming. And as the families, friends and brothers and sisters in […]

Planned Parenthood Caught Teaching Children About Bondage And Pornography

An undercover video expose caught Planned Parenthood employees teaching children about deviant sexual behavior such as bondage and sadism, encouraging violence in bed and giving pointers on watching pornography. For years Beginning and End has reported on the numerous unethical, illegal and dangerous practice of abortion provider Planned Parenthood, an organization that brazenly endangers teenage […]

Wisconsin Elementary School Hosts “Gender Bender Day”

  An elementary school in Wisconsin stirred up a great deal of controversy and anger among parents by hosting a “Gender Bender Day” in which all students were instructed to cross dress as the opposite sex for school. The Tippecanoe School For The Arts And Humanities made the “Gender Bender Day” a part of its […]

Victoria’s Secret Targeting Teen Girls – Pastor Takes Stand Against Sexualization Of Children

  A new line of lingerie from Victoria’s Secret targeted at teenage girls has drawn protests and outrage in the Christian community. Called “Bright, Young Things” (a part of its ‘Pink’ store for younger women) the campaign sells racy underwear for young girls with phrases like “Call me” and “Feeling lucky?” emblazoned on the front. […]

Fifty Shades of Grey May Not Be So Gray After All

Fifty  Shades of Grey, the runaway best-selling novel by E.L. James has become so popular for its racy content, that it has even become a subject of discussion in the church, as many Christians have become enthralled by the book series. With this in mind, Beginning and End is very pleased to have Dana Suggs […]

Newtown School Shooter Adam Lanza and Satan

  In the aftermath of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, a picture of just who killer Adam Lanza was is starting to surface. And based on the early reports, it’s possible that he was on a dark road that opened him up to a host of evil spiritual influences. Was Adam Lanza A […]

Zombie Apocalypse — Rise of Demonic Possession

  In just a two week span, there has been a disturbing outbreak of brutal attacks that involve actual cannibalism. While some point to Illuminati programming or the new designer drug “bath salts”, and  there is some evidence of this – these attacks also  have a sinister spiritual origin. The increasing tide of depraved, sadistic […]