Attack On Church In Kenya Leaves Seven Dead

End Time Prophecy of Christian Perseuction | The Fifth Seal of Revelation opened

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” – Matthew 24:9. The increasing tide of Christian persecution continued in Kenya as gunmen entered a Sunday church service and opened fire on worshipers, killing seven and wounding several more. […]

Officials In Laos Tell Christians To Renounce Faith In Jesus Christ Or Be Deported

Christian persecution worldwide | Lack of Media Coverage

  Imagine being told that if you did not give up your faith in Jesus Christ that you would be forced out of your town and lose all of your property. That is precisely what a group of Christian families in three villages in the nation of Laos were told by their government officials after […]

Teacher Tells Ten Year Old She Cannot Write About God

Christian persecution in the United States | Double standard against Christians.

A ten year old elementary school student was told that her essay about God would not be accepted for her writing assignment and that the paper could not remain on school property. Erica Shead, the mother of 10-year old Erin Shead said her daughter, a student at Lucy Elementary School in Millington, Tennessee was a […]

Public High School Makes Blasphemous Play Mocking The Bible

Most Fabulous Story Ever Told High School Play | Christian persecution in the United States of America.

  A public school for middle school and high school students ignored protests and produced a play that mocks the Bible and the Christian faith. Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School put on a performance of The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, a play that portrays characters from the book of Genesis as homosexuals who kiss […]

Parks Services Reverses Decision – Permits Woman To Distribute Free Bibles

Kanye West Yeezus Album Blasphemy | New Word Order Satanic Music Industry

  A Louisiana woman who was ordered by Park Rangers to stop giving away free Bible at her farmer’s market stand, will now be permitted to after some timely legal assistance led to the Park Services Department reversing its decision. According to reports: “I was really just elated,” the woman, Shirley Elliott, told The Christian […]

Muslim Mobs Destroy Christian Town In Pakistan

Christian Persecution in Restricted Nations | Bible verses on persecution.

Hundreds of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan had their homes burnt down and later clashed with police who provided no protection after a dispute in which a Christian man was accused of blasphemy of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The rampant persecution against Christians in Muslim nations continues to be inflamed with little government help on the […]

Florida Professor Forces Students To Stomp On Jesus’ Name

Florida Atlantic University Professor Forces Students to Stomp on Jesus Name

In yet another disturbing sign of the rising tide of hostility towards Biblical Christianity, a professor at Florida Atlantic University made his class write the name of Jesus on a piece of paper, place it on the floor and stomp on it as part of a required class assignment. The one student who refused was […]

Christian Pastor In Iran Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison For Sharing Faith

Pastor Saeed Abedini | Iran Christian Persecution.

The Iranian government has continued its persecution of born again Christians as it has sentenced Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen, to 8 years in prison for starting house churches in Iran several years ago. With very little options in the Iranian legal system, Pastor Abedini now faces a brutal future in one of the […]

Two Christians Killed In North Korea For Their Faith

Kim Il Sung statue | North Korean underground churches.

Open Doors USA, a Christian ministry that works with persecuted Christians overseas, has reported that two Christians in North Korea were killed in separate incidents by North Korean authorities for their faith in Jesus Christ. The prophesied persecution of born again believers in Christ is full swing in many parts of the world and North […]

God Provides! Church in Georgia Wins Right to Continue Renting Public Space

Redan Recreational Center | Christian Persecution

Officials in DeKalb County, Georgia have reversed course and will now allow a church to continue renting public space at one of its recreation center. In light of a lawsuit filed on behalf of Transformation Church, the city, which was trying to remove the church from a public facility has ended its attempt to persecute […]