Did Jesus Really Claim He Was God? – Free Sunday School Lesson

FREE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSONS – Please feel free to copy and use.    Did Jesus Really Claim That He Was God? Jesus is called by many titles: The Messiah. The Christ. The Son of God. The Savior. But was He God? Was He just a good man? A Philosopher? An Amazing Teacher? Here is the […]

The Bible and Self-Esteem

Self Esteem – 1. If your friends were to use three words to describe you, what would they say? __________________________________________________________________________ 2. How do you rate your self-esteem on a scale of 1-10? __________ 3. Do you think you have a big ego? __________________ 4. What do you think the Bible says about self-esteem and ego? […]

Witnessing 101

Witnessing 101 1. Hold up the mirror — There is nothing more honest than looking in the mirror. We can see ourselves and our good points and blemishes. And we know them because we know our appearance. It’s the same with the 10 Commandments. The Lord provided the 10 Commandments as a mirror to our […]

Christian Persecution

Christian Persecution What is Persecution? PERSECU’TION, n. The act or practice of persecuting; the infliction of pain, punishment or death upon others unjustly, particularly for adhering to a religious creed or mode of worship, either by way of penalty or for compelling them to renounce their principles. Since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Christians have […]

The 5 People You Want to Meet in Heaven

The 5 People you want to meet in Heaven We all want to go to Heaven after we die. But who else do we want to see there? Let’s take this time to list the 5 people you most want to see in Heaven. 1.  ___________________________________ ___________________________________ 2.  _______________________________________________________________________ 3.  _______________________________________________________________________ 4.  ________________________________________________________________________ 5.  ________________________________________________________________________ […]

The Dangers of The Occult – Sunday School Lesson

The Occult God gives us several very strong warnings in the Bible. One is regarding the occult. The Bible is clear that we are not to mess with the occult or occult activities.  And despite God’s warnings it has become more and more popular through books like Harry Potter, movies and cartoons that keep telling […]

The End of The World

The Real End of the World — Part 1 While there has been much speculation about the apocalypse and what is going to happen at the end of the world, we as Christians need to know that once again God has provided the answers to these questions. The Bible tells us through its prophecies how […]

The Teenage Christian Walk — Christian Living

  The Christian Walk   —  Christian Living As Christians, we are supposed to live a lifestyle in accordance with the scriptures. Christ lives a life as a human man to save us and provide an example for us on how to live. The Bible contains these instructions. As Christians, we are supposed to be different […]