Harvard Professor: Mosquito-Drones Will Extract Human DNA

Illuminati surveillance technology | When will the Mark of the Beats arrive?

Imagine a world where department stores know a woman is pregnant before her own family does. A Harvard University Professor warned that surveillance technology has become so advanced, the day is soon approaching that mosquito-sized drones will be able to extract blood from a person’s body against their will to store all their health and […]

The Coming One World Religion – Pope Francis Hosts Muslim Prayers At Vatican

End Time Bible Prophecy | Apostasy in the Church

In his ongoing effort to unify the denominations of the Christian faith as well as other religions, Pope Francis hosted a series of interfaith gatherings at the Vatican that saw Muslim prayers given from the pulpit for the first time in its history. The Pope’s efforts while seemingly noble, are in complete contradiction to Bible […]

KTZ: Illuminati Clothing Line To The Stars

Satanic clothing lines | Illuminati in Hip Hop and Pop Music.

With the abundance of satanic and occult imagery in videos and music over the past several years, it is hardly a surprise to see it spill to the world of fashion. KTZ or Kokon To Zai, is the latest high end designer fashion line to jump on the entertainment’s world’s trend of promoting esoteric symbols […]

DmC: Devil May Cry 5 – Rise of Satanic Video Games

DmC Devil May Cry 5 Illuminati video Games | Freemason Nephilim symbolism

DmC is the 5th entry in the popular Devil May Cry video game series, which has sold missions of copies worldwide. The game is a blatant promotion of the occult, New World order and Satanic agenda to twist the account of the Bible. The game’s main character is a Nephilim hybrid who battles a demonic […]

Verizon Commercial Promotes The Singularity Deception

Verizon DNA Commercial | Antichrist Illuminati deception.

Verizon’s commercial for the new Droid phone called “DNA”, embraces many of the concepts detailed in our article on the Singularity: the moment scientists believe humanity will be able to fully integrate with computers and achieve “immortality” through advanced technology. The idea of achieving eternal life outside of God, is an aspiration that is right […]

Mercedes Benz’ Satanic Super Bowl Ad – Selling Your Soul To The Devil

Mercedes Benz Illuminati Super Bowl Ad | Deal with the Devil.

  As the Super Bowl approaches, all eyes will be fixed on the exciting commercials and Mercedes-Benz’ new ad makes a special tribute to Satan. Entitled “Soul”, the commercial features a young man who is offered a “deal with the Devil”, ( the Devil is played by film actor Willem Dafoe), where he can receive […]

“We Will Find You”: Candy Bar Ad Uses RFID To Track Buyers

Nestle We Will Find You Ad | RFID Microchip Tracking

  In the continuing preparation of society for use of RFID microchip technology, Nestle Chocolate has started a contest in England in which certain candy bars will contain RFID chips which the company will then use to track down the purchaser to give them $10,000. The ad for the contest is below: A major part […]

The Sandy Hook School Tragedy: Was There A Second Shooter?

Newtown School Shooting | Was there a second gunman?

Beginning and End has covered the tragedy and devastation of the shooting murders at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut, one of the worst mass murders in American history. Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter who committed suicide in the school building has become the face of the entire attack. However, lost in the mainstream media […]