Personal FAQ

Are you male or female?


Where are you from?

New Jersey, USA

Are you Single/Married/ It’s Complicated?

I am very happily married to a wonderful Christian woman.

Are you a Republican or Democrat?

Although I follow politics closely, I am not a member of either political party.

So what party are you?

I’m an Independent.

Do you consider yourself a part of any “movement”?

No.  The purpose of this site is not to fight against any type of order or to form a political group. The main purpose of this site is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s Word, The Bible happens to have predicted many of the things in society that are happening today. This site shares God’s Word by highlighting these things. This way people can know the Bible is true, and that God is true.

So what made you do this site?

There are many great websites that discuss these types of issue but I wanted to provide one that ties them all together. I think for example, many, many people are aware today of some strange things going  on in pop culture and the occult influence that has permeated it. But just knowing that is not “the answer.” The answer is understanding that this a spiritual battle taking place right now in our society and we are the prize. So making sure that you are right with God and under his protection is really the only solution for your soul. And Beginning and End is here to point that out.

You seem to be criticizing lots of entertainment that people enjoy. Don’t you believe in having fun?


Do you ever listen to music, watch movies or watch TV for enjoyment?

Yes. I think that all of these things have to be taken on an individual basis. While I am not a big television watcher, I don’t believe that “all TV is bad” or “all secular music is evil.”

Do you like sports?

No. I love sports (Knicks, Jets, Yankees).

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