Rihanna’s ‘Where Have You Been’ Video: More Illuminati Symbolism

Rihanna Where Have You Been Eye | Illuminati Satanic Symbolism

There is more here than meets the eye.

Updated June 6, 2012

In our first article on Rihanna (“Rihanna The Illuminati Princess: Pushing the Satanic Agenda”), we detailed how throughout her career, Rihanna has been a promoter of sinful rebellion, promiscuity, sexual deviance and satanic imagery. Her streak continued with her latest video for her single “Where Have You Been.” A dance club song about hooking up for fornication, the video reveals much darker imagery in line with the Satanic Illuminati symbolism of past Rihanna performances. Here is the video:



The Beast Emerges From The Sea

Rihanna Where Have You Been Emerging From Sea |  Illuminati Satanic Symbolism

Rihanna emerges from the sea as a mermaid-type sea creature.

As we noted before, Rihanna repeatedly promotes overt sexual promiscuity in her video. Where Have You Been opens with a topless Rihanna wearing body paint and pasties to look as if she has scales of a sea creature. She emerges from a lake as a mermaid-like sea creature. The video is trying to establish that Rihanna’s character is not entirely human. The imagery is similar to that of the vision of the Antichrist the Apostle John sees in Heaven as recorded in the Bible’s book of Revelation.

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. – Revelation 13:1


Rihanna Where Have You Been Video Scales | Illuminati Symbolism

The "scales" used on Rihanna's chest and spine.


The Antichrist, the satanically-empowered False Messiah of the end times, is a man, but is also referred to as “The Beast” indicating he may not be entirely human (more on that below). It is also interesting that Rihanna is made up to resemble the mermaid. In mythology mermaids were fish-human hybrids and said to be related to Dagon, the god of the Canaanites and Philistines in the Bible. The Philistines were heated enemies of God and ancient Israel, God’s chosen nation to bring His message to the world. The Bible records a time when the Philistines stole the ark of the covenant, the most holy item in Israel. It was a box that contained the 10 commandments, the rod of Moses and manna, the bread which came from Heaven to feed the Israelites in the wilderness. The Philistines, wanting power for themselves, stole it:

When the Philistines took the ark of God, they brought it into the house of Dagon, and set it by Dagon. 3 And when they of Ashdod arose early on the morrow, behold, Dagon was fallen upon his face to the earth before the ark of the LORD. And they took Dagon, and set him in his place again. 4 And when they arose early on the morrow morning, behold, Dagon was fallen upon his face to the ground before the ark of the LORD; and the head of Dagon and both the palms of his hands were cut off upon the threshold; only the stump of Dagon was left to him. Therefore neither the priests of Dagon, nor any that come into Dagon’s house, tread on the threshold of Dagon in Ashdod unto this day. – 1 Samuel 5.

As will always be the case, in the presence of the true God, the false gods of the occult fall.

The Third Eye of Illumination

Rihanna Third Eye Where Have You Been | Illuminati Symbolism

Rihanna leans back with the Third Eye of Illumination shining.


At the climax of the video, Rihanna, moving in slow motion has several images of herself emerge from her body, indicating that the spiritual imagery in the video has begun. In the photo above, Rihanna, along with multiple images of herself raises her head back as if in worship and a light with the Third Eye of illumination on her forehead shining. Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason and one of the greatest occult researchers of all time, writes:

The exact science of regeneration is the Lost Key of Masonry, for when the Spirit Fire is lifted up through the thirty three degrees, or segments of the spinal column and enters into the domed skull, it finally passes into the pituitary body (Isis), where it invokes Ra (the pineal gland) and demands the Sacred Name. Operative Masonry, in the fullest meaning of the term, signifies the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened..In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops. Little is known about the pineal body which Decartes suggested…might abode the spirit of man. – Manly P. Hall,  Secret Teachings of All Ages, p. 227

In the occult and New Age mysticism, such as Kundalini, the Third Eye symbolizes achieving inner enlightenment and accessing greater spiritual powers such as psychic ability, channeling spirits and out of body experiences. If this seems “out there”, consider the fact that there are thousands of sites on the internet today devoted to ways of opening the Third Eye. As the world moves more and more into New Age mysticism and the occult, the interest in activating the pineal gland had increase (the pineal gland is real and resides in the forehead. It is a gland that responds to light and initiates sleep). Opening the Third Eye is a concept that has resonated along many, many different cultures in history, from the chakra point to the Cyclops of Greek Mythology, who had the single eye on his forehead opened, symbolizing Third Eye illumination.

In Kundalini, the third eye is a “chakra point” that must be opened in conjunction with activating the pituitary gland. Yoga helps to achieve this occult ritual:

Shiva yoga is a form of yoga practice which concentrates on awakening the pineal gland. This gland is often dormant because our third dimensional self is usually focused on the outer sensate world rather than the higher spheres. Shiva yoga teaches that cosmic light descends to meet the individual through the optic thalamic nerve connection of the crown chakra. Once the Kundalini has risen to the pituitary gland, it merges with the cosmic light which the pineal gland has received in the third ventricle… The opened Third Eye is also known as the Middle Eye of Shiva, the Eye of Horus, and the Horn of the Unicorn. (source)

According to occult experts like Manly P. Hall, symbols serve both as a message to the initiate and as a means of imbedding an image in the mind of the viewer. In certain voodoo rituals, the practitioner would dance to summon spirits to possess them.  To no surprise the stylist for the video said they were going for a “voodoo feel.”  In voodoo dance spells can be cast on someone by watching them and in voodoo beliefs, just touching the demon-possessed dancer can lead to harm. As with much of the occult, there are also sexual rituals involved as well and Rihanna brings her usual over-sexualized moves and gyrations to this video. In the image below, she writhes on the floor while her dancers lay on their backs with their legs spread.

Rihanna Where Have You Been Satanic Throne | Illuminati Symbolism

Who is the throne in the rear of the room for?

Notice the throne sitting in the background. The women on their backs are facing it, the women standing up are dancing towards it and there appears to be a smoky image residing in the seat. Who is the throne for?

At 1:50 in the Where Have You Been video, Rihanna and her dancers form a pose of an eye with Rihanna in the center (B&E: Thanks to reader Banji for pointing this out):

Rhianna Where Have You Been Video Eye Formation | Illuminati Symbolism

All Seeing Eye formation. Also note the Baphomet head in the upper left.


Of course all of this effort to access spirits, attain psychic powers and perform rituals of “ascension” are the basics of witchcraft, which is strictly forbidden in the Bible:

“When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee. –Deuteronomy 18:9-12.

God strictly forbade these practices as sin. They involve contacting evil spirits and rebellious fallen angels who are under the leadership of Satan. It is an invitation and evocation of demonic spirits to enter one’s life and body. The idea of occult enlightenment and awakening goes back to Satan (the “Light bearer”) and his initial offer of godhood to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

“Now the serpent was more [subtle] than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods…” – Genesis 3:1-5.

Notice the devil twisted God’s commands and lied to Eve with the promise that she would not die, her eyes would be opened and that she would be a god. This has been Satan’s primary deception since the beginning of humanity.

This is why it was an abomination to God. The Philistines, the enemies of God who worshiped the fish-man god Dagon, were descendants of the half angel-half human Nephilim hybrids. Their leader was a giant named Goliath who was approximately 9 feet tall. Many are familiar with the Bible account of David and Goliath, but there are more details to notice. David, who in the Bible was a foreshadow of Jesus Christ, defeated Goliath (a foreshadow of the Antichrist) by hitting him with a stone in his forehead:

And the Philistine said to David, Come to me, and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air, and to the beasts of the field.  Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.  This day will the LORD deliver thee into mine hand; and I will smite thee, and take thine head from thee; and I will give the carcases of the host of the Philistines this day unto the fowls of the air, and to the wild beasts of the earth; that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.  And all this assembly shall know that the LORD saveth not with sword and spear: for the battle is the LORD’s, and he will give you into our hands.  And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose, and came, and drew nigh to meet David, that David hastened, and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. And David put his hand in his bag, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead, that the stone sunk into his forehead; and he fell upon his face to the earth. (1 Samuel 17:44-49)

The giant Goliath was killed by a stone to his forehead, the location of the occult Third Eye and like the statue of Dagon, he fell before David. It is also interesting to note that the Mark of the Beast that will be instituted by the Antichrist in the end times can be placed on the right hand or the forehead. Will there be a link to the Third Eye when it is being offered to the world?

Enter The Goddess


Rihanna Where Have You Been Shiva Goddess | Illuminati Satanic Symbolism

Imagery that resembles the god Shiva, the Destroyer.

The final spiritual imagery of the video shows Rihanna with many arms. Even secular entertainment articles wrote that in this image she is mimicking the god Shiva, also known as The Destroyer, in Hinduism. Here is a statue of the many-armed god:


shiva statue 2

Notice that it is “Shiva Yoga” that opens the Third Eye. In the a list of “Internal Names” for Satan in the Satanic Bible, the name Shiva is listed. And in the Bible there is an evil angel in the bottomless pit of hell with a similar name: “And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” (Revelation 9:11). Abaddon means “destroyer” in Hebrew.

Interestingly, Newsweek Magazine made a cover of President Obama looking like the god Shiva.


Obama Shiva Time magazine Cover | Illuminati Symbolism

President Obama depicted as Shiva.

UPDATE — Rihanna’s American Idol Performance

During the finale of American Idol, Rihanna performed Where Have You Been and continued her use of occult imagery. As seen in the video below, she begins the performance in an illuminated pyramid capstone, a satanic symbol, as we detailed in our initial Rihanna article.  Notice there is also an image of a pyramid capstone on the screen in the background as well as the three horizontal stripes used by her mentor Jay-Z on the cover of his Blueprint 3 album.

As the world moves closer to the end times, the paradigm shift to open society up to occult mysticism is being ramped up more than ever. Symbols and dances that would have startled Bible-literate Christians a century ago are now “just another hot video to dance to” for churches today, many of whom are even teaching yoga themselves. This is why sticking to the truths of the Bible is so important. Satan and his minions can influence the lost to promote his images and his religion to the world on a regular basis. The lure of “higher consciousness”, “spiritual ascension” and “divine light” never gets old.

But it is futile to try and ascend without God. It is just a distraction from the truth that we are created beings and sinners who are guilty in God’s eyes and need forgiveness. We can become at peace with God and receive eternal life. But it is done through Jesus Christ. If you are not a Christian, again we urge you to look at the numerous occult and sinful images being put out in society today and realize that there are forces that are battling for your soul. But Jesus Christ has defeated all of them. Which is why it just takes faith in Christ’s sacrifice for sins to receive Him:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.” – John 6:47.

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  1. I agree with your observation here. I don’t think it is any different that anything else that comes out of the world though. Most things today promote sexual immorality pretty heavily and as Christians we pretty much already know society will get worse moving forward. Either way, anyone who doesn’t know the Lord needs to hear the Gospel.


    • More intolerant bull from organized religion. Its sad when the major tenets of all faiths center around striving to be a better human and show tolerance toward others. You have your faith, fine. Just don’t tell others how to live their lives or look down on them because their views don’t match yours.
      I hope you’re in the minority in your religion.

      Actually, I’m glad people like Bill Maher are out there heaping ridicule on YOUR beliefs..its time people with your attitude got some back.

      I wonder if any of those pythons in the Everglades are talking snakes?!

      ps-thanks for posting that Rihanna vid, she is incredibly hot


      • Hi Efunn,

        It seems you are holding Christianity to a very special standard. You are upset about intolerance but then show no tolerance whatsoever for Christian Biblical morality. You say “don’t tell others how to live their lives” yet that is precisely what you are doing with that comment.

        And you say we should not look down on others but then say you’re glad that Bill Maher is ridiculing the Christian faith. So what exactly is the basis of your morality? It sounds like you are shifting basing on who you like and who you don’t like. Bill Maher is entitled to ridicule Christianity but Christians cannot point out the occult imagery and sinful nature of performances. It just seems inconsistent.

        That is why Christians follow Godly standards. I am a flawed human being. I am a sinful human being. So my morality can easily shift to justify my own actions. But when we follow God’s ways, we have a true moral mirror to hold up to ourselves. And the picture ain’t pretty. We’re all sinners. Christians who truly follow the Bible know this more than anyone. The point of God’s laws in the Bible is to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are indeed guilty before a perfect and just God. It’s only by faith in Jesus that we go to Heaven, not through any “goodness” of our own.

        Confronting our sin is the big hurdle that brings so much animosity towards God. I hope you realize that we’re all in the same boat. But God is offering a chance of FREE forgiveness through Jesus Christ. I hope and pray you consider the offer.

        “Whosoever shall call upon the name of The Lord shall be saved.” –Romans 10:13.

        How to Get to Heaven


      • correction: “sad when all major tenets promote goodwill etc”…meant to say, “and then RUINED BY THE SHRILL MINORITY”


        • Hey efunn your funny. As this world moves towards a new world order you justsit and relax and live life like its cool, well let me tell you something go ahead and i tell ya the moment the nwo arrives you’ll be the first to accept it and you’ll be then crying for mercy but none will have mercy on you coz your just a waste of time and space. Give back to God for he gave you life you weak pathetic fool coz its not long that i’m gonna hear on the news about your dumb ass whinging and complaining at how you are controlled by the elite. Your weak man get out of here fool. You’ll be crying you weak idiot hahaha!!!!!!!!


          • still backing up RiRi says:

            @james (with incredibly heavy sarcasm) wow im amazed, you’ve really turned me around! especially by being so brave by acting all tough behind a computer. tell me how have you accomplished all this since your clearly not the waste of space that you are calling other people?


          • See Ask Talk About Nature says:

            How articulate James, If these are the words of a man of God…I choose Satan. Compared to God we are ALL fools. But I have Love for you brother…in time ALL will be revealed for this is the time of Revelations, when we are no longer in this ape-man form and back in that of Spirit we will have a more reasoned discussion regarding God. I find it rather perplexing so many on here speak for God yet they are human, acting like scriptures written by man are the one and ONLY definitive words of God, have you ever wondered, what if i’m the one who is misguided? What the ramifications could be? Just a thought to ponder if you so desire. Although I personally don’t believe in eternal damnation, only eternal unconditional Love, for me Love does not cast one to suffering forever because of a difference in choice and only Fear can make you believe that. Tell me is it out of Love for God you so desire to go to Heaven or out of sheer terror and Fear that you will end up in Hell that drives you to behave as you do? Many thanks for your precious time if have read this…it is appreciated. I am always looking to further my understanding of human nature and the many nuances that entail the human experience. I have always found you both endearing yet mystifying as a species and very entertaining to be around. By the way I find these articles wonderfully researched the researcher has great intelligence I just feel it to be misguided, although this is only my opinion so please don’t flame me…its hot enough where I’m from, even the Lakes don’t seem to cool me down. With Love to you ALL my brethren to me you are ALL seeds of God and I look forward to the day where I see you blossom into the beautiful flowers of Gods garden you were all destined to be within your blueprint. May you find peace and tolerance within you, then without you.


      • my friend please! if u really love rihanna, let us prevent her from eternal death!! We don’t wanna let her go to hell! and we don t wanna see our babies follow her in hell!! thank u and God bless u


      • Hi efunn, can i ask you something? When last did you look closely look and compared to troubles facing the world today as compared to how life was in the old days, Why do you think its okay to pretent things are still the same as in the old days, why do people like you think its okay to pretend and what do you think being a coward means you are sane! does living in fear to you mean normal and okay? why is the world having more of people like you?

        you are so patheticly weak its not funny, for your info, Rihanna doesnt think you are hot too, in fact she thinks you are a mud blood who doesnt deserve a thing but to have his blood drank and your flesh barbaqued at the Bohemian Grove!

        Wake up IGNAVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The world is messed up because its full of visionless mud bloods(according to Rihanna) like you,


    • i also agree with this and i was hoping that this article would explain why she was dancing with her hands on fire swinging them around because i did not get the whole point of it. when my friend and i had watched the video for the first time she said the video did not make any sense , may this be because when a video looks as if it is just a jumbled mess that says nothing it is because it contains secret messages that arent meant for people to know about to brain wash us and while we are drowning in our ignorance we are being slowely engulfed in satanic rituals meant to pull us from god? thank you for your explaination of this video.


  2. Sparrow says:

    Great article! Really good singers don’t need to wallow in this kind of stuff. Just come out and sing a song into a microphone. Good example is Adele. Sad that Rihanna has no morals or decency.


  3. jameccia says:

    Devilish indeed! The are to limits to what this girl will do in her music videos. Sad part is that parents let their teens watch this crap not knowing what it promotes. This is why we see half dressed girls outside with shirts all tied up in a knot in the back to expose their lower back and the shape of their behinds. For me I teach my 14 year daughter different. Sorry but NO MUSIC VIDEOS! I can’t keep her from every evil but I let her read articles from this site as well as the Bible. That mark of the beast is getting to me though, maybe its not a mark that can be seen like a tattoo or UPC code. I’m learning that it maybe be in the hand as to what you DO and or the head as to what you think or believe. What do you all think? ?? Great job as always B&E!


    • Thanks very much Jameccia. It is much appreciated, And I think you make a great point about young girls and guys modeling themselves, their dress and lifestyle after stars from music videos. I’m glad you are taking a Godly stand with your daughter! That is awesome.

      As for the Mark of the Beast, I think it is just what the Bible says it is: a means of tracking the buying and selling of every individual on the planet. Revelation 13 seems to make it very clear that it is connected to commercial transactions. Additionally, the warnings in Revelation 14 about not taking the mark seem to indicate again, that it is a real, tangible object that you receive as opposed to something symbolic. Where do you think the verses regarding “buying and selling” fit in? God bless.


      • , I would like to say there were some things missing Ex. The skull in her shirt , the inverted gold croses , and the demon horns on her dancer


    • I totally agree with you! Kudos to you on actually PARENTING your daughter. It’s a rarity these days and the youth are learning everything from the streets and alleged “role models” who lack morals and wholesome values.





    • anonymous says:

      Your daughter is going to turn out like Carry…


    • still backing up RiRi says:

      as a teenager i’m just going to point out that over sheltering your daughter wont change anything except maybe make her rebel or not be prepared for the real world when her helicopter parent is gone. i love Rihanna but i choose to dress nice and conservatively in spite of all the girls around me who choose not to. probably because their parents do the same thing as you and they change in the bathroom once they get to school or the mall.


  4. You Need Schooling says:

    SMH. Honestly, I’m just about sick of Rhianna, myself. The sad thing is that she doesn’t have a clue, does she, about what she is doing, what she is dealing with? All she (and the rest of the entertainers like her) cares about is getting paid a little bit of money to do this. What does it a profit a man to gain the world, but then lose his soul?

    I find it utterly laughable how people worship these false gods made by their own hands (that shiva thing, for example). I think I would feel really stupid kneeling to something that looks hideous with ten arms. I mean, how can you expect something that you made with your own hands and gave a name to, to have the power to help you, protect you, et cetera? It’s an inanimate object, for goodness sake; it cannot speak to you, it cannot see you, it cannot hear you, it cannot save you … Makes me think of pop singer Brandy who, some years ago, went and had a picture of a false god (that hideous looking half woman/half elephant thing) tattooed on her body. SMH! She looks really ridiculous walking around bragging about it, too. And the funny/sad thing about it is that she had no idea what the name of the thing was – until somebody gave her a clue. Isn’t that sad?


    • What is truly sad is that people lack patience… I am Christian myself but I do not understand why people value one religion over another. Hinduism has its own values and actually if looking at religions they all have the same core. What is different? Rituals, prayers, exterior. The point remains the same. I believe you should accept that people worship Shiva (and those arms actually are symbolic) and not think it is sad.

      Picturing and describing the same thing can come in a variety of ways. And it certainly does not mean that one way is better than the other. The same way those who are Hindu may come up to you and say how sad it is that you are Christian and how can you worship it. This is not the way to deal with things.


      • So you don’t think it is sad when you see a person in a different religion deceived and on there way to hell? This is what’s sad when you see a Hindu or a Muslim.


        • antony galligan says:

          i am hindu,are religion teaches love and tolerance to all gods creation,we do not exclude by man made arrogance,i do feel sorry for those whom are deceived/like the poor christian,s defiling there mouths with dead carcasas as foodstuffs, when Christ stated it to be sin,lectin 38 the book of the holy twelve,dont be decieved know your true bible the book of the nazarines,then u will live the same path as a hindu does and stop the hatred towards gods children,.


      • I Agree with you it’s not sad and why should it be? The believe in god as we do but in different ways . There’s a book called ” A Man In Search Of God” . It’s a book talking about all the religions and what they believe in. Also this video indeed is very devilish related. Never practice these dances or spells or anything related to witch craft cause you will loose your soul. Right now god is giving the chance to all humans to regain their soul and live in a perfect world promised by god. If you want more information about this promise you can go to the Jehovah witness’ and they will answer all your questions with the bible and also about things related to this.


    • still backing up RiRi says:

      your name is you need schooling but you’re ignorant and a bigot. interesting…..


    • u definitely need schooling..coz as ignorant as u are, u don’t know jack ….go do some thorough research on Hinduism before u criticise another culture,ur embarrassing urself,so naive ur better off sitting in da corner and re-thinking ..how u wanna live ur life…


  5. Banji Oguntuase says:

    Who notices from 1:55 of the music video the eye formation that the co-dances together with Rihanna form, with Rihanna in the middle as the centre of the eye, their hand movements that resemble the opening/closing of the eye?


  6. LoveKnight says:

    you know that part where she begins to dance well @ 0:44 she’s wearing a scarf that looks like leopard print. lol just thought id point that out 😛


  7. LoveKnight says:

    Ohh..thats after she comes out from the water, when u mentioned about in Revelations..


  8. Anyone notice the picture where the image of her repeated, on the top right hand there is an eye?


  9. Stephen says:

    She obviously is not part of the “illuminati” stuff like this really irritate me! “God is real believe believe” He apparently spoke to those people to write the bible, but how many people claim to have spoken to god and said the end is coming? & it never happened! To me the bible is not real, it was made by people who wanted the world to work in a certain way, back then they didn’t exactly have laws or much knowledge so if you told someone if they did a certain something they would burn in hell for eternity i think they would listen! I mean I would. People say it now but for some reason I just don’t believe in an afterlife, good or evil. We are just animals like every other animal on this planet we have just spread out and built up were not special.

    Nothing happened before I was born and the same will happen when I die. God was made up for control and it — USED to work, then it stopped working and then BAM we get a government who enforce rules. Religion is dying out because it is just what others have written. I could write a book today saying an alien came down and told me all these things, things we should and shouldn’t do, bury it and a thousand years later someone finds it and believes it! Don’t believe everything you read… p.s rihanna is just a singer ffs, and yes she may be sexual but anyone her age is get over it.


    • I in a way agree with you. In every religion there is a lot that has been brought by a man. However you should agree upon the fact that the core is good. It does attempt to make you a batter person. Also, religion gives the emotional satisfaction which is important.

      But I would agree with you that a lot has been done to control people. And it was very successful and in many cases is. People get lost and believe that whatever they are told in the name of God truly is in the name of God and do whatever they are told to do. Plus, when they say that God sees all it really scares a lot of people and this only increases the control of religion or actually those who hold the power because for example government laws can be broken and if nobody knows then nobody knows, who cares? But since God sees everything then you no longer can break the laws. And this is exactly what is needed.

      Anyway, just commented to say that I agree with you (:


      • Christianity isn’t for emotional satisfaction. It doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. It shows you your sin and how to escape from the punishment: repenting and having faith that Jesus will forgive you because He payed the punishment for you.


  10. Lillian says:

    It should be considered that not only symbolism depicts illuminati and satanism. Look closely at the lyrics. At face value it means she’s looking for…sex with someone she’s been desiring for quite some time. Teenagers won’t really think much about it because sex is so common to them. If you play the song backwards, she is singing ‘I’m Horny for ya’ every time at the chorus . There’s a youtube video for it too.
    My interpretation of it though is that she finally got something ‘big’ and as this article puts it, perhaps ‘illumination’. It is as though she is dedicating her life – or her being – by searching for someone who will help her get that illumination. In my opinion, as you said earlier about Eve being deceived, Rihanna is like Eve, in an ironic way. Unlike Eve, she is actually ‘thanking; or being grateful for what has happened to her: “Where have you been all my life? I’ve been everywhere, man, looking for someone, someone who can please me, love me all night long.” I hope you understand what I mean.
    This is coz at the beginning of the video, she’s coming out while singing those lines and then dances ( or is more or less bewitching people) but at the end, she goes back into the water singing the same lines. I don’t know if you get my drift but what I’m putting across is that unlike the beginning, she was swimming around ‘searching’ whereas in the end, she just dives into the water. Meaning she found what she looked for.

    Anyway, hope I could contribute. 😀


  11. DefendingRihanna says:

    SMH here people. How is Rihanna coming out of the water anything like that biblical passage? That throne is obviously for her, she seems to be the leader of the music video’s tribe. The eye isn’t devilish. The song is about her tring to find someone. She’s searching for him, with her EYE. People just love spreading rumors, even if they worthless.


    • Agreed. Besides. If this song is so full of symbolism, isn’t it then supposed to affect people? But how can it affect you if you do not know it? If you just suck the meaning out of the finger then this what comes up. It is the same problem as with literature. Always there are some weird people who search for the “deep hidden meaning” and quite often it is something that the author himself did not know of.

      Just please stop! View life simpler, and more patiently, it will help.


  12. DefendingRihanna says:

    Also, nice job insulting Hinduism. I’m sure that’s what God is all about, insulting what others are and not accepting them. Jerks.


    • This is in a way what I wrote. If they are so religious and Christian, then why do they not have patience to others? And how come they decided that their view is the correct view? There are many branches in Christianity too, that does not mean that only one is correct. Many people have different opinions and different views, you cannot tell them what view is exactly right. Besides, I am pretty sure that not many people know that for example Koran is like Bible and worships the same God and Virgin Mary, etc. BUT what will religious people do? Say that muslims are wrong and they are right. Great.

      And here they did this again. Got to love religious people! They never accept anything except their own truth and insult everybody else.


      • you said: “Koran is like Bible and worships the same God”

        I will give you the same response I gave another one of your comments at the bottom of the page.

        Many paths to one god is the new age end-time deception. If Islam worships the same god show me where that is said in the Bible. What saith the Scriptures my friend? You assert you are a Christian.

        Here is what Jesus said: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

        Jesus was clear the only way to the father was through him.


        • Hinduism persists even before we think. Jesus is just the messiah of God and he is not God. Even Jesus practioned Hinduism and particularly worshipped Lord Shiva. This video from Rihanna has been picturised to spread falsehood against Lord Shiva particularly. If you follow Christianity, try to respect other religions, you don’t know about Hinduism. Lord Shiva doesn’t do harm for good humans. Life exists with ups and downs, there is success because of failure, so Lord Shiva created good people as well as evil forces. Then only people worship God, if everyone is pure, no one will worship God(whoever might be).


      • Of course I believe the faith in Jesus is the only way to heaven. Don’t you believe your way (whatever you might believe) is the right way? And please don’t say you believe that all religions lead to heaven, because there are clear contradictions in different religions.


  13. illnevertell says:

    you know what crack me up, i hear all this supposedly shit about illuminati first off i don’t give a sh*t about this topic second we our supposseedly made by god then other’s say ape’s then cave men but you know what i don’t think they fu*king know were the hell we come from so just shut up and listen to the song’

    and pray there not real cause if so there coming 4u
    get a life people


    • illnevertell says:

      wOoO i cover my one eye’ illuminati
      LMFAO Suck it people


      • I know exactly where I come from.

        I agree that this author is reading too “between the lines”, so to speak, but I encourage you to see the Truth: we are all made by God, we all sin, and we all need forgiveness. That belief is the cornerstone for this website. Jesus provided a way to heaven, and faith in Him is the only way to eternal life.

        “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” -John 3:16

        If you want to learn more, feel free to reply.

        God bless.


  14. European says:

    All hail the illuminati slut -.- pathetic puppets :/ Don’t be afraid people, God is protecting us from these delusional slaves of Satan :/ Their whole goal is the coming of Dajjal(Mentioned in islam but also in the Bible under another name). He is the one who will come as a main temptation to the believers, illuminati keep calling him and begging him to rise up with these sickening rituals, he is a sign that will come before the doomsday and the rebirth of christ. God promised the good ones and the believers shall see the true face of this fake God. May God rejoin us all in Heaven forever 🙂


    • still backing up RiRi says:

      this is so incredibly sad that i don’t know where to begin….so i’ll just say that i pity you and i hope one day you can recognize your ignorance and try to better yourself.


  15. North Walt Cookie says:

    Get a grip, why do you fear the occult? Why do you fear the hidden knowledge of our world? Because you don’t understand it, you’re brainwashed into believing it is evil to keep astray from it’s knowledge. THAT is the ‘true evil’ Christianity has brainwashed people into believing that anything and everything you do as a human is evil, dirty, nasty and wrong and you’ll end roasting with you head on a pike in hell. You’re even condemned if you’re a woman on her period, or a woman in general.

    Why should I listen to the ramblings of a mad man/woman when most of them are misogynistic, anti semetic, and anti other religious beliefs? Did ‘god’ tell you to act this way? How nice of him, well I’ll stick to MY Eastern religions as they have brought me great comfort and understanding, tell me I’m evil, I don’t care, I know that only reason you’re like this is because you’re ignorant.

    No one’s coming to save you, rip your bigot roots up from the earth and salt the goddamned ground.


    • I perfectly understand you and agree with you. But, you must understand that you are talking to people who lost their minds. You really cannot do anything about it. I bet they will not even understand what you said there and believe you are evil and pray for God to protect them.

      They are a lost cause… You will never be able to open eyes to a lunatic. Everything should always be in harmony and not like this. When it is not in harmony this is what people become – lunatics.

      There s no superior religion and what all people should learn is patience. Patience and respect to other points of view and religions. And by even looking at this article and some of the comments I think that this will never happen…


    • still backing up RiRi says:

      i’m with you on this.


  16. Check out 2:22. I might be wrong but i think that between 2 views of Rihanna, in the middle of a picture I can see the head of baphomet. Can you see this? Conection of two pics makes complete face.


  17. Really people!! Find something useful to do instead of give us a lesson of intolerance… You see devilish things where the normal people only see entertainment and a good song for dance. It’s time to accept that SEX( oh my good he write the S word!!) is a normal part of the life of every being in this world and our specie it’s, as a atter of fact, promiscuous by nature… I’m sure your “good” don’t make us that way and then prohibited us to have sex except for reproductive goals just to make fun of us as we intent to resist the nature he gave us, no, don’t think he is that bad.


  18. Justlissen says:

    First off 666 doesn’t really apply to the devil ….6electrons 6neutrons 6protons…. This is where science and religion meet and you need to understand both….the leviathan reference is off because their are no seven heads symbology…..shiva ,Hinduism existed well before Christianity and the bible as borrowed or pass down stories of their holy book the bhagavid Gita ….for example the story of Noah is not authentic …satyavarman had three sons ….hmmm what’s there names … Shem, Sham and jaiyapeti sounds like Shem, Ham and jahpeth … And they too went through a similar ordeal…..furthermore since Judaism is the precursor of Christianity ….you must know Judaism technically have no devil …..lucifer only tested a man’s word or merit because many men put up a front ….why would God cast down most scorned and vile to his favorite subjects…..makes no sense when God could just say puff and Lucifer would be gone…..as silly as God asking Adam where art thou ….please God is all knowing and all wise and is everywhere as Yashua Ben Yoseph aka Christ said ……God is looking for Adam?….that book is great but highly tampered and misinterpreted with…..my advice question everything don’t play on favors too much….all religious systems whether it’s Christianity,Islam,Judaism, Hinduism, Wicca , Buddhism etc. are tools to have a Worldly and inner understandings…tools can be used wrong too now…let’s not fall victim so called pseudo conspiracy theorists ….see their background and agenda on the matter….just question everything !….peace


  19. This person has waaaaay too much free time on their hands.
    The mermaid bit-everyone has different myths on mermaids. Some are good and bring sailors to shore, while others would much rather eat you, it all depends on the myth.
    I don’t see the resemblance for the ‘beast coming out of the sea bit’. That title actually made me think more or Beowulf.

    The third eye bit, yeah, it’s a common psychic term. There’s been oracles throughout the Bible, jesus in a sense being an oracle. Your argument is invalid. Nothing in the bible says there’s anything wrong with psychic powers. It only tells of beware of false prophets.

    The dance move in the picture is an Indian style of dancing, where there’s heavy emphasis on precise movements of the hands, arms, and feet. The god with the many arms, that’s a God in the India area. Resemblance does not mean they’re imitating him. If I had to make a guess, it was for strictly the visual affect/effect it gives, because it looks cool on camera.


  20. you people keep everything joking ,cant you see that how good is trying to tell to stop believe in this stupid illuminati .god is trying to stop us in every THING WE are doing but some of us are believing at satan.you say that this is a game im muslim and im proud of it .i agree with chatolic religion because they believe in 1 god .but some people dont believe in god .they want to be famous ,and if they dont become famous than they say : GOD DOESNT GIVE WHAT WE WANTED ,BUT MABYE DEVIL CAN GIVE US and they seel they solds to devil.if you dont belive me , i mean im not noone im just a kid ,but go to youtube and type IMRAN HOSEIN -dezhalli anti jezus and than youre going to see .this egcist peole .AND THAT BICH rihhanna its really a satanic cant you see it why she goes to the clubs and do some things that to a women this is not aloud .she drinks and smokes she is going about of her mind .why do you thing so? because she has a mind controler and he is SATAN .belive in god people how do you thing . who did you?who did the world ? who did all these beautiful places in the world GOD . he is the only on ,you cannt compare none with him .he doesnt have kids ,color he is not a boy ar a gril , none know how he is but we are going to see in the end of world :I LOVE YOU GOOD f– you rihanna and all the satanic around the world


    • still backing up RiRi says:

      so because rihanna does the same things a man would be allowed to do shes a b word? so you’re admitting that you are sexist and oppressive? do i have that correct?


    • Please stop. Please please please. You are not making Christianity look good at all.


  21. I’d like to point out, that the symbolism on the video, combined with the lyrics… Lead me to think that “where have you been all my life?” was addressed to the anti-Christ, and it means He’s made it here…


  22. About the third eye, I’m going to analyze that as a literary person; God created man in his own image so the need for “self will” which started during the renaissance period has given rise to man wanting more knowledge, more freedom and more ability to be like their creator. These men have gotten this knowledge and hidden power and have taken advantage of this power to be referred to as gods. These gods have been served by several people, and since the emergence of theater and entertainment from the 16th century, these gods have gained more popularity and power with the number of listeners and followers of their various means. What I just said can be seen in This movie when analyzed through a literary perspective. The Clash of the Titans”, Zeus is personified as God while, hades is personified as satan. The narration at the beginning shows that the prayers of the people made Zeus stronger until the humans decided that they wanted to be like the gods too. Hades pushed the people to question their creator and got stronger when the people stopped worshiping Zeus. I’m not judging anyone’s religion since most people are born into certain religions. All I’m saying is that some people know the right thing but still do the wrong thing because of their personal gain. man’s need for the better things of life is very high so people can pass the boundaries just to get them. I can’t say I’m a saint, but humanity is indeed a tough road to pass through.


    • I will reply to you as an expert in Greek mythology and a historian as well as a person genuinely interested in the arts.

      First of all, in the ancient times of Greece and Rome, we can observe that people had incredible knowledge and understanding of human nature and anatomy. They were a lot more civilised although they worshiped many Gods. Also, religion arose mainly from many Gods at once. And in the beginning Gods were merely a more glorifying representative for the heroes of the past. Like some famous warrior or king (that goes for every nation).

      Then, as Christianity developed and became a major religion, we see the Dark Ages. All the gained knowledge is forgotten and people start all over again. In the Renaissance period, people wake up from the dream and attempt to regain what they lost. They turn back to the ancient times and especially we see that in Da Vinci, the way he was studying anatomy.

      So you are not quite right there. But I am glad that you are more tolerant to other people’s religions (even though I myself am Christian) and agree that it is a tough road to pass. Although it is as tough as you make it for yourself.


      • You’re sure you’re a Christian? Because based on previous comments I see you’ve been calling the people on this blog lunatics, as well as countering Bible teachings.


  23. Are you fucking kiding me? Rihanna is not promoting illuminaty and sex, she only dresses like that because if she is half naked people would watch the video because Rihanna is hot and she has ”illuminaty” stuff in the video to make it interesting so people would watch it and when they do they listen to the music and then buy it. It’s how the entertainment industry works. I think you need to get your brain checked out cuz the illuminaty doesn’t exist!


    • demonique says:

      listen here vova i think theres something wrong wth your mind why would she put all those illinminate stuff in her videos if shes not interested at all. Wich means there must be something that triggers her to it and in wich world are you living in cause this is life even the brands we wear are illiminate PLEASE I THINK ITS TIME FOR YOU TO WAKE UP AND SMEEL THE BLOODY ROSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Vova:
    Are you fucking kiding me? Rihanna is not promoting illuminaty and sex, she only dresses like that because if she is half naked people would watch the video because Rihanna is hot and she has ”illuminaty” stuff in the video to make it interesting so people would watch it and when they do they listen to the music and then buy it. It’s how the entertainment industry works. I think you need to get your brain checked out cuz the illuminaty doesn’t exist!

    You see it’s blogs like this that grab peoples’ attention and increase the popularity of this video, this song, her music which leads to people buying it!


  25. You see it’s blogs like this that grab peoples’ attention and increase the popularity of this video, this song, her music which leads to people buying it!


  26. Martina says:

    First of all, Shiva is not simply the God of Destruction. In Hinduism, Gods can have different personality and can emerge as destructive and as giving life. Shiva also is a very important God upon whom many things depend. Saying that he is a strictly negative aspect is wrong.

    Also, I do not particularly believe that everything that Rihanna does is promoting Illuminati and Satanic worship. By observing people around you will discover that actually most people like something fun an extraordinary, something “creative” and sex is a necessary part in the media. Studies have shown that when sex is present, the product has higher popularity. Business rotates about demand and money. And mass media and the whole entertainment industry is just business. It is not necessary that people who do business actually believe that it is right or have the moral values that they “promote”.
    Often with the artists and singers we see a lot of scandals. But many of them are deliberately created to cause attention and thus increase fame.

    Also, speaking of subliminal messages in Rihanna’s videos. Subliminal messages are only understood by those who know the symbolism, most people do not even notice them. When people do not notice them they do not take them seriously and quite often is the case that they wouldn’t even remember them. If you do not believe me, try looking at teens. They might like Rihanna’s songs, might listen to them, might think that her videos are cool, but they will not remember the details or try and imitate the videos.

    I would like to point out the trend of appreciation towards occultism. Most people do not even know anything about it, but it is “cool”. And why is it cool? Because it is “fresh”. It allows more imagination and originality, something extraordinary. Because there definitely is a demand for something original, scandalous and cool, mass media supplies us with it. Let’s face it, Lady GaGa, for example, would have never been so popular if she did not invent her own and original style in clothing and video production. It is not necessarily pretty, but it does look creative.

    If you want to make sure that your kids do not become occultists and join the dark side, the best thing you could do is spend more time with them and teach them morals. Nothing is healthier than a good and healthy bond with loving parents and a morally high atmosphere at home. However, personally I think that pushing kids into believing into Christianity would be a little wrong. Christianity, like Islam, worships same values and the cores are the same, though many people do not know it. Plus, saying that Christianity would be superior over Hinduism or Buddhism would be also wrong. All religions worship high moral standards, they have differences in details, but the core is same. So I would let the children decide for themselves what they believe in and what religion suits them best.

    Note: there are many people who have very high moral standards and are bright, nice and kind people who are in scientific fields and consider themselves atheists. Again, I believe that what actually matters is for the person not to be rotten inside, the “outer shell” can differ. What I think would be dreadful is for a person to be religious and claim to be a fanatic of certain religion but be rotten inside and in fact do evil deeds in name of God. So in this case this kind of (or even maybe ANY kind of atheist) would be much better and more pure than this religious evil-doer that I just described. (And let’s face it, those kind of cases do happen).

    Anyway, this was a long letter. I hope that nobody will be outraged by my point of view and hope that some people will agree with me or at least see certain point.


    • You said: “ All religions worship high moral standards, they have differences in details, but the core is same.”

      I am sure most would disagree with you on this one. You don’t seem to have a very good understanding of Bible believing Christianity because the core of Christianity is grace through faith not of works. The core of every other religion of the world is about a person earning their way to salvation, nirvana, etc through their morals standards and you are always “doing.” Christianity is all about “done.” Jesus did all the work on the Cross and there is nothing a person can do to earn his way no matter how well he treats people or how many good deeds he has done.

      (Ephesians 2:8-9) “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

      This is what sets Christianity apart my friend. God Bless.


      • I believe you do not know much then. Islam worships the same God and Virgin Mary and there are many cross-links which Christians refuse to see and always refused to see.
        You can read Koran if you dare.

        Also, you disagree that religions promote high moral standards. Okay, how about the 10 Commandments? Are they all DONE then? No they are not. We have to DO them. And in short we have to follow the light, we have to grow and become a better person. Name one religion where they promote opposite. And is this not the core? So according to you it is nothing important. And excuse me, speaking of Jesus “doing all the work on the Cross”, do you also think that Islam believes into different things? Nope.

        So do not make Christianity superior. All religions deserve to be treated equally. Just like people of different races should be treated equally. All nations and religions have differences and similarities. So do not ever say that again.


        • you said: “Islam worships the same God…”

          That’s funny because many paths to one god is the new age end-time deception. If Islam worships the same god show me where that is said in the Bible. What saith the Scriptures my friend?

          Here is what Jesus said: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6)

          Jesus was clear the only way to the father was through him.

          Also, the Virgin Mary is not part of Bible believing Christianity my friend. That is a pagan doctrine within Roman Catholicism.


        • First off, I want to thank you for being being respectful and debating like a civilized human being. We’re on the internet, and I’m always scared things like this will turn into awful, caps-locked arguments with foul language.

          Second, it is debatable what you mean by “Islam worships the same God” because the Christian God includes the Son, Jesus Christ. No other religion accepts that (except Catholicism, but they’re always adding their own things and misinterpreting Scripture). This also answers your question “do you also think that Islam believes into different things?” Yes. Islam believes Jesus was only a prophet.

          Third, true Bible-believing Christianity teaches that good works do not get you to heaven, that faith through God’s grace, sending Himself to pay the punishment for our sins, does. There is no possible way to work yourself into heaven. Good works, however, are a by-product of why we were created in the first place: to be in a loving relationship with God and His creation.

          Fourth, of course there are cross-links between Christianity and Islam. That doesn’t make them the same. There are also cross-links between Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection and Nazi ideology. That doesn’t mean all Darwinists are Nazis.

          God bless.


  27. Rhisda McDell says:

    i think the Illuminati is stupid


  28. She comes out of the water *BOOM* Illuminati
    The eyes i because she is SEARCHING
    The throne is for her
    And the last thing is also a dance move probably


  29. I read through this article, but I’ll admit to having only skimmed the Bible excerpts.


    Reason 1: WHO wrote the Bible? Was it God himself? No. This means that even the very first version of it would have been subject to human error, not to mention that it has gone through several thousand years of revision – I will use Henry VIII as an example; on a whim, and a political need to distance himself from the Pope, he went and created his own branch of Christianity (Anglicanism, I’m sorry if I don’t know the exact term as I have never seen it said full before) and a respective version of the Bible. Another excellent example of human error is Michelangelo’s horned Moses; Jerome, who translated the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin, mistook a Hebrew word meaning the equivalent of ‘radiant’, suggesting a halo, as meaning horned, thus causing a lovely specimen of horned leader of the Jews from Egypt.

    Reason 2: as someone has already pointed out, HInduism preceded Christianity. Thus, all information pertaining to it in the Bible would have to be considered biased; how do political leaders earn votes? At least partially by defamation. Throughout history Christianity has done similarly. (Read: calling Jews unholy and inferior, accusing them of murdering Christian firstborns for their unleavened bread, persecuting practitioners of Islam for no other reason than their difference, and so forth through several thousands of years.)

    Reason 3: How many times has someone prophesied the end of the world, be it through the Rapture, the advent of the Anti-Christ, and so on? Here are a few: 1844, William Miller, 1918, 1920, 1925, etc. Jehovah’s Witnesses, and so on. And then there are all the non-Christian theories; Nostradamus’s extremely (read: to the point of encompassing everything) vague quatrains, the Y2K bug of 2000, and the Mayan-calendar 2012 theory (which can be disproved of its December 21st doomsday date when you realise that the Mayans did not account for leap years and as such doomsday ought to have already occurred) among others.

    Honestly, whoever wrote this either has a LOT of spare time or is spending far too much not-so-spare time on their religion. I only thank my good fortune to have been raised in a religion whose lack of horned, pitchfork-sporting denizens of the pits of hell has made it relatively doomsday-theory-free.


    • Hi Yana,

      Thanks very much for your comments. I think you raise valid questions that should be asked. Can we trust the Bible? Can we prove if Jesus even existed? How does the Bible stack up against other documents of antiquity? Fortunately we have explored those issues here at Beginning and End. Here are 2 articles I think may be of interest:

      Did Jesus Christ Really Exist? Proving Jesus Without The Bible:


      This articles looks at Christianity and Hinduism and you may be surprised by what you read:

      Was Jesus a Copy of Horus, Mithras, Krishna, Dionysus and Other Pagan Gods?


      While Hinduism does predate the birth of Christ, it does not pre-date the Bible itself as the Old Testament goes back to the earliest civilization in recorded history. And the Old Testament prophesies the birth, ministry and sacrifice of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This is part of the reason it can be known that it is a divine book. I also think that the idea that when a man writes what he hears there is “automatic error.” By that logic we could never trust any newspaper, magazine or book that quotes someone because after all, men wrote it so there must be mistakes. I don’t think that follows. So you know, Jesus Christ, before His death and resurrection, told His disciples that the Holy Spirit would bring them in remembrance when it was time to write the New Testament. So they were not writing in their own power.

      Doomsday Dates — Yes, there have been many Doomsday setters, William Miller chief among them. And out of his movement several non-Biblical cults have sprung up, most recently Harold Camping’s radio cult. Here is an article on that where we explained Biblically, why Camping’s prediction would not come to pass.


      I look forward to your comments on these articles. God bless.


      • Those questions are all very interesting. I have been investigating them myself. Also, I have been to Israel and visited all the places. I believe that Christ existed. However, there are still many unveiled mysteries.

        But I have a big question. What is right? Is religion right or science? Because right now for example there is a big deal of research done on the creation of universe and there have been many things discovered by physicists. BUT the problem is that they completely eliminate God.
        So my problem is to what extent is religion right and where is the edge of science?

        Because science has a lot of proof to back it up and it grows immensely. It is very complicated but it does seem to be logical and work. However religion also seems to work.

        And there are certain problems with religion. Yes there is some evidence in the form of mysteries and especially in Jerusalem, but still the main form is belief. So how can we know what is right? I am stuck with this problem in my head. They contradict each other. However, in some cases science helps religion (as in the case of analysis of holy places in Jerusalem).
        But this does not help me….


        • Hi Elza,

          You made some great points and introduced some questions that I’ve battled with in the past myself.

          Part of being a Christian is believing in the whole Bible, even if some “scientists” say they have proof that refutes it.

          The truth is, religion and true science are not at odds. The only problem is scientists nowadays are forcing their own philosophy upon people, saying it is “science”, when really, it is pure speculation. If you would like to read more about this, I would recommend reading some books by Robert A. Herrmann including the book “Your Endangered Mind: the Great Scientific Deception”. It is eye-opening and, even though the author is Christian and makes that clear in the beginning of his books, the secular version is not biased toward any religion.

          There are many Christian scientists, and doing some research will provide answers to the questions you have, and will show you that science does not refute religion, but that they can work together.

          God bless.


  30. I give damn s– to illuminati or whatever other name they are called with. Talking about them and their witchcraft only gives them unwarranted attention. The damn devil did not succeed for centuries and his disciples wont either. The promoters of satanism will be like shooting stars that extinguish in the desperate oblivion. Just trust your CREATOR and move on.


  31. David WIlborn says:

    If I may… let me make a few quick points. In the music video she is the pupil of the eye, then she displays the attributes of the god of Shiva and lastly at the American Idol she steps out of the capstone that we always see that holds the eye. So, is she possibly showing us who her god is?

    Follow me a second. Why is it that 9 times out of 10 these people who display the triangle never display the downwards portion like in the Star of David, Seal of Solomon, the flag of Israel… i.e. hexagram?

    Here’s my theory…. ready? We all have a third eye that is represented with an upwards triangle and the downwards is represent of the balance and authoritative figure The Father provides! Think about it because even in Revelation it talks about the 144,000 Israelis being sealed IN THEIR FOREHEAD, the ones who take the mark of the beast IN THEIR FOREHEAD or hand and then Paul sees the inhabitants of heaven with the seal IN THEIR FOREHEAD in Rev 22:4.

    Now why does it say in some instances like Rev 17:5 that on the forehead of the woman was written actual words but then in other instances there’s an actual mark or image? One word… hieroglyphics. The Egyptians used these to document their whole existence. The picture… image… or mark meant something. That’s all letters are… PICTURES that we’ve given sounds to. Doesn’t other cultures have sounds like our language but with a different ‘picture’? Didn’t before the time of writing ‘bird’ didn’t they draw it and gave it other meaning?

    So will we all take a mark eventually? Yes and that’s the interesting part. If our third eye is in on our forehead and we have to willingly accept it just like with the beast… then it’s a matter of whose mark you take. In layman terms whether you chose to follow the TRUE God (Big ‘G’) or another gods. And yes there are other gods because even God told Moses, “You shall not have any other godS except me”.

    So how does this tie into Rhianna and all of these other people who are obviously displaying things that aren’t of The God? Simple… they’ve chosen the mark of their particular god that they’ve CHOSEN to submit to. Even more, we know what isn’t of God… it is of Satan, 1John 3:10.

    Lastly, I believe that just as there is a war with Israel (the single country) vs. the rest of the countries (the many)… the same war is taking place in the heavens. The many are trying to take over the 1 TRUE and The True is trying to tell us through His Son that we need to take comfort and shelter in him because he’s about to show ’em WHO’S BOSS.

    Any thoughts?


  32. rihannasupporter says:

    RIHANNA IS A CHRISTIAN ACTUALLY, AND IF THAT MUSIC VIDEO WAS REALLY SATINISM OR ILUMINITTI THEN HER MANAGER WOULDNT LET HER DO IT OR HER PUBLICIST PS skulls and all that stuff are in style right now and rihanna is just a singer who likes to show off her body


  33. if you look at minute 3:29, you can see rihanna making 666 with her body and the replicated bodies


  34. i like


  35. theres no such thing as hell or heaven, you people being manipulated by religion. youve given life, so make the best of it, not limit yourself to the words of the “GOD”.

    oh well, theyve been brainwashed by the holy book written by ancient insane people thinking they were holy, but look at the present people, when they go out the streets and say theyre holy and shit, people laugh at them.. people back in the past believe to every shit other people say. people are also sometimes being decieved by their own brain making them see wierd entities, even though there is really nothing.


  36. The music industry is controlled by them.The reference to shiva somehow is a tactic to confuse people and promote evil.Shiva represents the destructive part of God as God is the creator,operator and destructor of everything. Hinduism focus is on enlightenment,that is you really understands that this material life is illusion and that your main aim is to return to God.These people uses the teachings from here and use it for satanism.The kundalini power is to raise to higher levels to make you get consciousness of the truth.Shiva doesn’t promote animal sexuality but promotes for chastity and shows that we should not let our senses decide for our mind or soul.


  37. All of them are going to burn in hell lol


  38. At the end of the day some people are just ignorant and apparently don’t know what’s going on in the world beyond T.V…and thats exactly what they want you think..that its just a music video and she’s just a singer trying to look good. But hey all you unbelievers can believe whatever you want…I could careless. I’m a Christian but I don’t shove religion down anyones throat. We will all see what happens on judgement day.


  39. God says he will prtect his child from the evil one.they will burn in hell. MAY THE GOOD LORD 4GIVE THEM.AMEN


  40. Anyone else notice that she comes out of the water alone but goes back in with others?


  41. hey check this out..interesting ca sara ga!


  42. she really dumbbb brahhh she going to helll definetly … her music is good but the things that she is doing is baddd!!!!!!! Illuminati forreall!!!! Type in Illuminati backwards it brings up the federal court and everything THATS WEIRD!!!!


  43. I think you didnot see the uncompleted pyramids in the start where the men dancers are


  44. I can’t begin to tell you how sad your article makes me. First, let me explain that I grew up a Christian Baptist all my life. It wasn’t until I became Spiritually Awakened – THROUGH God, and ONLY God, when I called out for him and his help in a moment of desperate need that I realized that Christianity is heartbreakingly a cult with a very sad agenda. Sadly, these people who claim they are Christian, truly believe they are on the right path to life. In actuality, they are sleeping. “Awake O’sleeper, rise up from the dead for the light of Christ will shine on you.” Ephesians 5:14
    We were created in God’s image. In his likeness. Jesus came here, and walked this earth to teach us how to be more LIKE GOD. Christians are comfused in their own fear and judgement.

    GOD is in us. We are a part of God. We are also a part of the oneness. There is NO separation except self. Yourself creates a delusional separation (the devil, evil) that separates you from God. It isnt until you wake up and open your third eye, and your heart chakras along with all the others that you see your true self. You learn to love yourself and with that.. comes loving God. Loving the temple in which God lives. YOUR HEART! You sleeping people have this all confused, and due to your own fear (which separates you from God) .. you create a delusion. WAKE UP!!!! Don’t you see the beauty all around you?? While you sit and judge people.. while you sit here and write about things of your opinion.. there ist TRUTH out there! The ONLY THING THAT IS REAL IS LOVE. Jesus came here to teach us LOVE!!!
    Not the romantic kind, BUT LOVE FOR ALL.. and when you have LOVE – YOU DO NOT JUDGE!!!


    • Dear Jutd! Judging men is (means) haughtyness and arrogance. Whereas judging things, thoughts does not intend to harm, offend any soul, but tries to help it to discern good from harmful. God bless you!!!


  45. i have read alot of you all speak your mind but what kills me is that you can’t save a life by jumping on them a person has to make up there mind how can you quote the bible and talk so highly about my god jesus and use cuz words and talk about folks can’t no one say who will go to hell cause you might be there yourself thats not our job you can’t teach in school by calling the student crazzy your will run folks away like that thats why alot of folks don’t come to church cause they get looked down on every one falls but you have to get up if every one was good to the t then there will be no reason for god no reason to call his name and thank him for being in your liife as many of us know some folks will get on here and down grade god and lift up what will get us from seeking his face you know they don’t want us to call out the name jesus but this i know for sure when he comes back all eyes shall see and at that time they know they messed up but its to late god arms is always open i hope you all understand what i was trying to say don’t talk down on some one in the name of god help them to get to god


  46. As she ever cofesd dt she is wat ppl say she is? If i say thr’s nida right or wrong, evil or gud, truth or lies, wat wil u al say? Then it seems like i wnt 2 judge myslf so i won’t b judged by anyone. Any thing i say, see, hear, eat, drink, wear, do etc, i decern som deferences, hw then shud i dfine dis deferences. It seems 2 me dt everyone is slfish wanting everyone 2 agree with him, if nt u r a minus 2 him. I dn’t knw, may b u knw or we al dnt knw or we al knw.


  47. :/ The song is bad, the video is bad and the music is bad. . .End of story!


  48. Justsayin says:

    My motto in life is “Anything is possible in this World” I believe in God and God’s word, not a religion or someones belief in something. God gives us all a choice. If you choose him, you’ll have everlasting life, if you don’t , well I will leave that to everyones imagination but it won’t be a rose garden. I’ll admit that I liked Rihanna’s song, the club beat that make you want to dance, but when I listened to the lyrics and then seeing the video, it made me feel like she was talking to Satan. Even the dance scene where Rihanna and her dancers were dancing in a dark, steamy, filled room was to me symbolizing hell. I felt like a vail had been lifted from my eyes to show me the real truth. Satan has many tricks and his main goal is to get as many souls as he can. Satan will not win in the end and he know this.


  49. vivek subhash says:

    you guys know your bible..but you know nothing about hindu mythology…shiva is not just a destroyer, the picture you have depicted is that of shiva as nataraja, the lord of theatrical arts..and as nataraja he has two dances…the thandav dance of destruction and laasya dance of creation

    also the world meaning of shiv is that being that is opposite of shav(corpse)..essentially shiv is(depicted as) the internal energy of the cosmos

    i suppose this is a very late post


  50. Jesus is for real and so is hell. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord. Wake up whilst there is still time.Its yo choice y’all. Blood of Jesus,Blood of Jesus,Blood of Jesus,Blood of Jesus,Blood of Jesus,Blood of Jesus.


    • In my opinion Jesus Christ is the name Christians use to claim they are Gods one and only chosen people, that all others will go to eternal hell if they do not accept that. Remember what you create for others you truly create for yourself, any religion that claims to be the one and only true way is lying to you, so they can control you, everyone is a one off so their pathway to God is unique to them. Stop blindly following or you will end up walking off a cliff into the lakes of fire. Its not too late to choose a different way, one that can create peace on this Earth for us all. Bow down and worship Satan, i mean God and you will be saved (joke). Hope all you people on here are doing well and at peace, its been a while. I am still enjoying your articles, I drop in from time to time…you give me great inspiration for my book, thanks.


  51. It’s interesting you are aware of the pineal gland but you separate Christianity from the other occult teachings. Have you ever looked at the hat the pope wears & the staff he carries. It has serpents & a pine cone on the staff, & the hat is in the shape of he pineal gland with a spade right in the middle of he forehead. It’s all the same thing. Christianity at its core is the same thing as Hinduism, Masonry, Buddhism, Kabbalah, etc. Christianity today just denies its roots as heresy. Gnosticism is t Christianity what Kabbalah is to Judaism, Sufism to Islam, etc. Gnosticism isn’t really a separate religion from Christianity, it IS Christianity, or more accurately both gnosticism & orhodoxy are offshoots of true Chrisianity. Using the word Gnosticism is just politics of the 2nd & 3rd centuries. But there is no distinction. The Vatican has a huge pine cone in it, it’s the same as the head of the Buddha – all religions evolved from a common ancestry. & it has more to do with the Fibonacci sequence, infinite divisibility/indivisibility & Pythagorean mathematics/spirituality than it does with DMT. When your third eye is open you understand the conditional nature of all phenomena, the forbidden fruit is the knowledge of good & evil which is actually the knowledge of what is “inherently” good & evil. The knowledge of The Lord, the middle way, non inherent form in Buddhism, Gnosis, Einsteins relativity, heisenbergs uncertainty principle, & Zeno’s paradox are all the same thing. It’s jnana yoga, the analytic route to enlightenment. Jesus was 33, like 33 degrees in masonry, 33 gaps in your vertebrae, etc. Androgyny, the sex hormones created in the pineal gland at the 13th week of pregnancy, 13 of spades – the Ace, the pope, trumps kings & queens, etc= all the same. Jesus & the eucharist, Moses parting the Red Sea, Joshua the Jordan river = the same thing, parting the hemispheres of the brain,


    • Hi Justin,

      Thanks for your comments. You very correctly point out the pagan-influenced clothing and regalia of the pope. However, where we disagree is with you trying to align Roman Catholocism with Biblical Christianity, when the two have little in common. There is no ¨pope¨ in the Bible. No one stands in Christ´s place. No one serves as mediator between humanity and God The Father but Jesus Christ. Biblical Christianity is very clear on this. Roman Catholocism is very much an amalgamation of mystery religious traditions and man-made doctrines. But to just assert that “gnosticism is Christianity” is not being intellectually fair to the Bible. The book of Colossians was written with one of the main purposes of refuting Gnosticism. Gnostics believe in self-salvation, whereas Jesus Christ proclaimed unequivocally that He was the only to eternal life.

      Jesus said: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. 8 All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. 9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”-John 10:7-9.

      Gnosticism is based on attaining knowledge. The Bible says the wisdom of the world is foolishness to God.

      The commonality you do see in many different occult practices or religions is for one simple reason: Satan and his emmisaries are copycats. These are very old, advanced beings who know how to manipulate humanity with the same temptations and systems generation after generation. All ultimately promising the same thing: godhood. But the Bible is clear that we are not gods and never will be gods. And Christianity does not tell a person they can work their way, gain wisdom, ascend, etc., to goodhood. It is only through the work of Jesus Christ that a person can go to Heaven.

      So while you are right in calling out the Pope´s hat, you are not right in lumping the Bible, which is the actual Word of God, with the hat. Why not give God a chance and get to know Him (by reading the Bible with an open heart and mind) before rejecting Him and casting judgment? Your eternal destiny is at stake. I hope and pray that you do. -B&E

      How to Get To Heaven


  52. Vista of Vastness says:

    I see this has been pointed out:-

    At 1:50 in the Where Have You Been video, Rihanna and her dancers form a pose of an eye with Rihanna in the center (B&E: Thanks to reader Banji for pointing this out):

    But there was no mention of the significance of her being the center, it makes her the pupil…the pupil of the eye, see the significance? Clever the symbolism used, layers within layers within layers. The eye is the master teacher of humanity. Shes plays the role of good girl gone bad, to create light. For there is no greater act of giving than light becoming darkness to create light. She is a good girl really…I feel her divine energy resonate with my very core. By hating on her you just create hate for yourself in return and that was the challenge, can you see the light in the darkness? It seems not by the majority of these posts, but that’s OK, you have free will and that is a most precious asset.


    • Vista of Vastness says:

      My apologies I see the pupil thing was pointed out by David WIlborn, we saw the same thing my friend…although our views are very different…we shared the same wave length there. The thing that makes me question this website so much is how the writer of these articles seems to be so in tune with satanic symbology…I would ask the Christians are you not concerned he may be undercover and working for the other side? Joke!

      But in all seriousness it is impressive, you have a keen eye and fine mind, if you ever decide to channel that energy in a different way, I think you will bring allot to the table. There will come a choice in the near future, as we stand here on the cusp of game changing scenarios about to unfold…and the door will be open to you. I pray you find the heaven you are truly seeking my friend. And the same with the rest of you Christians, you are a well-meaning bunch really…I see the light behind dark and I like what I see ; )


  53. The first time i watched the video it came off as strange to me and when i first got taught of the whole illuminati thing i thought it was all plain bull . but the more i learn the more sense it makes every time i hear it. and just recently i wondered why some of my family members bore a strange ring ..my mother explained this to me and she broke it down that they are free masons they are the dark side of my family ..the side i grew up around raised me in a church so i belive in god and only god my savior and to all the satanists out there …………….god bless your soul and i hope you find your way to him


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  55. Talk about the satanic things in my little pony friendship is magic.I mean almost no chrisians will see the witchcraft in it.Please.


  56. I am praying that you will


  57. the illuminati keeps their secret by not keeping it a secret, they let bits and pieces of info about themselves so people wont think its a secret, then they’ll think its fake so then its really a secret, they think outside the box, because their meant to be top secret, so when people don’t think its secret, its truly a secret, get it! from australia


    • A Magical Enlightenment Nears says:

      They are increasingly bringing it out in the open because it is almost time for the Apocalypse. A time not far from now they will be out in the open. They use all this symbolism as part of the awakening process, even if you think its all fake yet you are watching these videos it will be altering your subconscious mind, and preparing you for what it is coming, without you even needing conscious awareness. These techniques are extremely advanced and one must not forget animals are easily trained when you know how. Humans are clever animals but there are much more advanced beings out there influencing this spehere of consciousness. Humanity has been guided through its evolution the whole way, yet the helping hand has remained hidden…until now. And you are right, the best place to hide something is in plane sight and they have been doing this all along, its always been there hidden right under our noses. Its been waiting for the moment we are ready to see it..and that time is NOW.


  58. the illuminati keeps their secret by not keeping it a secret, they let bits and pieces of info about themselves so people wont think its a secret, then they’ll think its fake so then its really a secret, they think outside the box, because their meant to be top secret, so when people don’t think its secret, they wont believe its real, then they stay hidden and they’re truly a secret, get it! from australia


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