“We Will Find You”: Candy Bar Ad Uses RFID To Track Buyers

Nestle We Will Find You Ad | RFID Microchip Tracking

  In the continuing preparation of society for use of RFID microchip technology, Nestle Chocolate has started a contest in England in which certain candy bars will contain RFID chips which the company will then use to track down the purchaser to give them $10,000. The ad for the contest is below: A major part […]

CBS ‘Person of Interest': Predictive Programming for a New World Order?

CBS Person of Interest | New World Order Predictive Programming

  CBS’ action drama “Person of Interest” debuted in 2011 to critical reviews and excellent ratings. The show centered on a technological genius living in Manhattan, New York who creates a computer for the government capable of monitoring all people all over the nation at all times through the “digital cloud” and uses this computer […]

FDA Approves Sale of Pills With RFID Mircochip

RFID Microchip Ingesitible Medicine | New World Order

Beginning and End covered the United Kingdom approving prescription pills that contained RFID microchips. Now the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved similar ingestible RFID microchip medicine for use in the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration has approved an ingestible digital senor that can track physical health with the assertion that patients […]

Monster Energy Drink: Secretly Promoting 666- The Mark of the Beast?

Beware of subtle symbols.

  “Impersonal forces over which we have almost no control seem to be pushing us all in the direction of the Brave New Worldian nightmare; and this impersonal pushing is being consciously accelerated by representatives of commercial and political organizations who have developed a number of new techniques for manipulating, in the interest of some […]

ABC’s “666 Park Avenue” – Promoting the Number of the Antichrist

666 Park Avenue TV Show | Illuminati Antichrist Symbolism.

Fresh off of cancelling the blasphemous, Christian-mocking show “GCB”, ABC is now set to premiere “666 Park Avenue” in its Fall 2012 lineup. Loosely based on the novel of the same name,  (which was about a Manhattan apartment building whose tenants are witches), the TV show brings its own spin to the story by having […]

Illuminati Bilderberg Group to Help Select Romney VP – Washington Post

Bilderberg Group | Illuminati

  In a stunning boost to the credibility of the “Truth Movement”, the Washington Post acknowledged in a political column that the Bilderberg Group, a secretive, super-influential Illuminati organization, may play a key role in selecting the Vice Presidential candidate for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney. In the “In The Loop” column written by veteran […]

Brazil Schools Using RFID Microchips to Track Students

Brazil School RFID Micropchip 666 Mark of the Beast

  In another sign of society using technology which can allow for the Mark of The Beast of the book of Revelation, 20,000 students in the city of Victoria da Conquista, Brazil will have RFID Microchips inserted into their school uniforms to track their locations and timeliness for classes. The new outfits, called “Intelligent Uniforms” […]

UK Approves Sale of Medicine with Embedded Microchip

pill sensor illustration

  In yet another step to groom society to the everyday use of microchips on and in the body, the UK has now approved the sale of prescription “smart pills” that contain RFID microchips in them. Patients take their drugs along with an extra tablet embedded with a tiny edible sensor which sends back information […]

666 – The Mark of The Beast – Humanity’s Ultimate Choice

Do not take the Mark. (Image provided courtesy of www.theology21.com).

It is referenced in pop culture. There are songs about it. It is one of the most well-known phrases in the Bible. But what exactly is the Mark of The Beast? Why is it even necessary to be implemented? What makes it so bad in God’s eyes. This article will seek to examine what the […]

Mark of the Beast Technology? The New Electronic Tattoo

Predecessor to the Mark? The "electronic tatoo" is eerily similar to Bible prophecy

A computer built right into your skin? Yes, it has become a reality.  A team of scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed an electronic computer patch thinner than a hair that attaches to the skin. The device can observe vital signs of a medical patient, store and transmit data, locate individuals […]