Planned Parenthood Caught Teaching Children About Bondage And Pornography

An undercover video expose caught Planned Parenthood employees teaching children about deviant sexual behavior such as bondage and sadism, encouraging violence in bed and giving pointers on watching pornography. For years Beginning and End has reported on the numerous unethical, illegal and dangerous practice of abortion provider Planned Parenthood, an organization that brazenly endangers teenage […]

The Kermit Gosnell Abortion Trial – The Story The Media Did Not Want To Cover

  Though it received minimal coverage by the mainstream media, the trial of abortion facility director Kermit Gosnell is by far one of the worst human rights atrocities of the past century. On trial for 8 counts of capital murder, Gosnell ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia described as a “house of horrors” where women […]

Abortion Worker Tells Woman To Flush Live Born Baby Down Toilet

Live Action Documentary Reveals The Horrors of Planned Parenthood’s Late Term Abortion Industry LiveAction, a pro-life activist group that has used undercover sting operations to catch abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood in numerous scandals, released a new documentary containing undercover footage of late term abortion clinics which shows the horror of the murderous and vile […]

ESPN’s Chris Broussard On NBA’s First Gay Player: “Homosexuality Is Open Rebellion Against God”

In a very bold display of sound, Biblical Christian doctrine, ESPN reporter Chris Broussard stated that homosexuality is sinful rebellion against God when asked about NBA player Jason Collins’ announcement that he is gay. The video of Broussard’s comments is below: When asked about Collin’s Christian faith, Broussard gave a very clear statement explaining the […]

NBC’s ‘The New Normal’ Mocks Jesus Christ and Christianity

  We first reported on the new NBC sitcom, The New Normal a show about a gay male couple attempting to adopt a surrogate child as another step in Hollywood ‘s quest to redefine marriage for America. Now the show has gone even further by blaspheming Jesus Christ, mocking the Bible and trying to change […]

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell Attacks The Bible – A Christian Response

In what is becoming a growing trend by the mainstream media to try and change the Bible to accommodate their political agendas, MSNBC news anchor Lawrence O’Donnell went on a nine-minute rant against the Bible (the video is below), because of the issue of homosexuality and calling for banning the Bible from use at Presidential […]

Silent Genocide: One In Three African-American Babies Aborted

In yet another stunning study, the Center for Disease Control has released its latest statistics on abortion and found that almost one third of all African American babies are aborted. These staggering numbers are not only chilling for the murder of the unborn, they also show that Planned Parenthood is coming close to achieving its […]

Chick-Fil-A and the New World Order

  The media has been buzzing with news of fast food chain Chick-Fil-A and their President Dan Cathy’s statements to a Baptist newspaper regarding the restaurants Biblical principles and his belief in traditional marriage as defined by the Bible. As expected there was an immediate backlash from the media and gay activist groups who are […]